The Oath Breaker by Heather A Busse (Book Cover)

The one thing I didn’t like was how the logo looks at the bottom. I have it too dark, but I’m not experienced with format. The cover artist, Cynthia Conner did a great job in my opinion. You can find her here: https://www.facebook.com/Dracontiar

The text is my own fault. The logo, originally created by Ivy Rautio is also really nice, but again I’m not sure how to add it to the cover in a way that’s easier to see. You can find her artwork here: https://www.instagram.com/raineedazed

I will probably hire a designer I think to fix these issues, but I still wanted to share the overall look.

Aulein Maps of Dai Ithra, Sidras, and Ev Irwan

The universe where my story takes place spans numerous worlds. Here are maps from three planets.

Dai Ithra, the Realm of Night. Camilla Bonavirez and Clarita Murienez work counter to the other as they both try to save their world and return the light of Infernua Izar, the day star.
Ev Irwan, Realm of Might. Twin Princes Cholistan and Levander Albantheirren must win the throne in a trial of wits and combat. To succeed, Cholistan performs a forbidden rite, one with far reaching consequence. Worlds may die when the S.
Sidras, Realm of Chaos and Order. Prince Antares witnesses a crime in the nexus wood. His brother Vasant steals power from the planet generators to win the Sidras World Cup. Even as he is punished, the nexus lights grown dim and a world falls dark. Silence stalks the land.
Earth, Realm of Sanctuary. Down by the Mississippi River, In Saint Paul, Minnesota, Anna Henly practices ballet in hopes of earning a spot in a prestigious company. When statues come to life, music plays from tapestries, and her sister disappears through a hole in the wall, it will take revealing a family secret to save themselves and the world.

Prelude – “The Oath Breaker” by Heather A Busse

In the beginning, Berehan birthed the universe Aulei in Song. And like most newly created things, the creation grew and expanded of its own free will. Aulei turned through the seasons and in each turn The Song changed for no two seasons existed exactly alike.

“The First Law of Sidras” The Night Palace Repository

Aulei: Year 5480

Cycle: An Lyr Min

An inky mass approached the outer edges of Aulei. It had long forgotten its own name and image, but understood it had a duty. Deep inside the oily substance, a light flickered. Dark filaments sniffed out a rent in another creation known as Aulei. It flowed into it as long snakes through grass, a vaporous slither. A cosmic melody struck the visitor upon entering the new plenum. Tendrils flowed and danced from star to world to the deep black of space.

Where the inky thing lacked light and life, it drew nearer the nebulas of creation and feasted for it had purpose and reason. Hope coursed through the entity as it split into countless pieces and spread through the closest regions of Aulei.

The Song of Aulei, registered the newcomer as an interruption to the individual tones in The Song. Whole notes went silent for a time and then the cosmic symphony sprang back, its beats just as strong as before. Its harmonies struck the visitor as distant stars and planets danced their rotations. Pangs of hunger erupted within the entity. It thirsted more desperately than the most desolate wasteland. Looking internally, a swirl of light flickered, the thing worried for the living, the part it had protected for so long. Deep need and an ache spurred its movement ever faster across the vacuum of Aulei’s space and time. Playing counter to the frenzied beats of starvation, Aulei registered the visitor’s intent and named it Sýking.

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