Editing Services

Heather A Busse


Editing Service Breakdown

Editing services and price breakdown per type of edit for fiction, business, and nonfiction work. Prices vary depending on word count and the number of edit types selected. All edits require payment in advance with the exception of a contracted payment schedule agreement outlined below. For a quote, use the contact information above.

Contracted Payment Schedule Agreements

The contract will divide the work up into edit portions. The contract will include a dated schedule for payments and edits. Upon receipt of each payment by date, the customer will receive the scheduled edit for that date. The contract will include details for the specific project and schedule.

List of Available Edits


  • Fix and improve big picture issues in narrative, craft elements of fiction, story and plot, characterization, inconsistencies and plot holes.


  • Fix and improve the way the story unfolds, chapter breaks, chronological or linear order, twists and turns, pacing and other aspects of how the story unfolds for the reader to keep them engaged.

Copy Edit

  • Fix and improve the following:
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Capitalization
  • Paragraph indents and breaks
  • Dialogue tags
  • Diction choice
  • POV/Tense (unintentional shifts)
  • Descriptive inconsistencies for characters, places, and items

Line or Style Edit

  • Fix the creative flow and content on a line level, instead of mechanics, this edit focuses on fixing style and the flow of prose in the creative content. This edit is a look at syntax and diction.


  • A more detailed and laser focused fix on the following:
  • Inconsistent spelling and style (labor or labour)
  • Inconsistencies in layout and typography
  • Confusing or awkward page and word breaks
  • Incorrect captioning on illustrations and page numbers
  • Fix headings and titles
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Subject and verb agreement
  • Symbols
  • Spacing
  • Fonts
  • Consistency to “Style Sheet”

Organizational (nonfiction and business)

  • This edit focuses on requirements in nonfiction or business writing and usually follows a requirements guide or checklist. This edit includes focusing presentation on:
  • Fix introduction and conclusion
  • Sequential order of sections
  • All topics addressed
  • Is it easy to determine the main idea or purpose
  • Theme statements
  • Supporting details

Content (nonfiction and business)

  • This edit includes fixes on required content and information provided in the text, usually with a given requirements guide or checklist.
  • Theme statements addressed
  • All points support claims
  • Information clearly identified by section
  • Subordinate points relate to and support main points
  • Facts, details, and examples support the claims
  • A logical flow for each section and paragraph
  • Fix contradictions and inconsistencies
  • Conclusions wrap up main points

Fact-Checking (nonfiction and business)

  • Research facts
  • Find sources
  • Create a citation and source list