YouTube Channel Update

As a writer and editor, I’ve looked for ways to get more of me out there. Not just the writing, but marketing who I am, why I write, and what I write. Part of that is participating as one of the leaders for The Band of the Red Hand fan and cosplay group, as founded on Facebook by my friend Craig Powers. It’s a fan/cosplay group for “The Wheel of Time” written by Robert Jordan.

The series has been a favorite of mine since its release in 1990. I’ve read it so many times, I can’t count how many. Perhaps more than 20 times except for the last three books. Reading helped me through my childhood. Learning, reading and writing truly sustained me for decades and Robert Jordan’s work became a huge inspiration for me through my education and in my career.

I am a professional writer and editor today, because of writers like Robert Jordan.

With that, I decided to throw myself into the fandom. I LOVE the series. So do many other people and since Matrim Cauthon, the band’s leader is my favorite character, I had to join Craig’s group. We’re building a YouTube channel for this fandom. We have a few unique qualities in ours that will include content from multiple members and some of those contributors will not just talk about the books and TV show, but probably our cosplay as well.

As a professional writer, mother and nerd, I struck out to create my first video. It was a learning experience. My first effort isn’t great. I am not a YouTube professional and I am no model or actor. I am a fan though and shall see what people think of my first effort.

Starting a YouTube Channel

If I had known the work required to create a YouTube channel ahead of time, I might have reconsidered my ideas. The quality of a camera, sound and lights truly matter in the YouTube world, yet it’s difficult to invest that kind of money when the channel isn’t a proven success. On the other hand, perhaps it’s good I didn’t know the level of work, because once I get an idea to do something, I tend to see it through as far as I can. The YouTube channel is no exception. In fact, I’m committed to two channels.

The compromise, I have setup what I can afford to create the best content I can right now.

One channel will be focused on Starweather Press, LLC writing topics, books, critical analysis, craft elements and my personal writing journey.

The other channel is dedicated to a fan and cosplay group called The Band of the Red Hand. It’s a fan group for “The Wheel of Time” book series by Robert Jordan. The group founder, Craig Powers, administrates our activities on Facebook.

When I joined The Band, I started work on organizing cosplay efforts and our YouTube channel. It’s been months in the making and still not professional level, but every new endeavor must start somewhere and for me and us it starts here.