Coming soon “The Oath Breaker” Book 1 of The Guardians of Aulei by
Heather A Busse

Visit the worlds and beings of Aulei. Where the cosmos Sing.

Deep in the Proha Wood, on the planet Sidras, Prince Antares watches as the
nexus orbs grow dark one by one. Exiled as he grows into his full power, the
prince struggles to take leadership for the Guardians of Aulei.

Reporter Grina Frunz investigates the sudden appearance of a new religious
cult on Ulnov 7. The dangerous organization is in possession of Nika 16’s
Creation Box.

The Daggers assemble in the clan’s estate on Dai Ithra to name a successor,
while Camilla Bonavirez searches for their vanished leader. Unknown visitors
and rival clans thwart her efforts to find the High Seat.

The key to Ev Irwan becomes ash before Norenthia Kerigan’s eyes. The note to
her tone, silenced in the Song. Norenthia must convince the princes in
Verreihen to help her find the God Stone. One prince sins to save himself and
the other sacrifices for the world.

On Earth, Anna Henly fights for a place in the world as a hopeful ballet
dancer, but there is more to her family than her parents Charles and Ellen
Henly will tell. While her brother Mark takes an ancient oath, her sister
Caitlyn investigates a crushing betrayal.

Listen to the Celestial Score. March across Space and Time, Life and Death.
Cry out to Berehan Singer of All, pray He remembers their tones.

Pray all living things. For the Sýking comes.

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