Aulein Maps of Dai Ithra, Sidras, and Ev Irwan

The universe where my story takes place spans numerous worlds. Here are maps from three planets.

Dai Ithra, the Realm of Night. Camilla Bonavirez and Clarita Murienez work counter to the other as they both try to save their world and return the light of Infernua Izar, the day star.
Ev Irwan, Realm of Might. Twin Princes Cholistan and Levander Albantheirren must win the throne in a trial of wits and combat. To succeed, Cholistan performs a forbidden rite, one with far reaching consequence. Worlds may die when the S.
Sidras, Realm of Chaos and Order. Prince Antares witnesses a crime in the nexus wood. His brother Vasant steals power from the planet generators to win the Sidras World Cup. Even as he is punished, the nexus lights grown dim and a world falls dark. Silence stalks the land.
Earth, Realm of Sanctuary. Down by the Mississippi River, In Saint Paul, Minnesota, Anna Henly practices ballet in hopes of earning a spot in a prestigious company. When statues come to life, music plays from tapestries, and her sister disappears through a hole in the wall, it will take revealing a family secret to save themselves and the world.